If you have any questions or concerns about coaching, please take a look at the list of FAQ below.


What is the basic philosophy of coaching?

Sir John Whitmore, author of ‘Coaching for Performance’ states that coaching is concerned with:

‘Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them’.

nG Coaching’s philosphy:

If you want something badly enough, you will get it done; with nG Coaching you will get it done that much quicker.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a one-to-one relationship between the coach and an individual or a group. Coaching is conversational, allowing you to explore your ideas, goals, aims, fears and challenges in a safe and confidential environment.

Coaching will enable you to go at your own pace to come up with precisely what you want, work out how it is possible to achieve it, identify any obstacles that you may need to overcome, explore your options and work out a way forward using tools and techniques that are tailored and appropriate to you.

The nG style of coaching develops better thinking. Each session is dedicated to your wants, needs, preferences and priorities. Through focused questioning your nG coach will get you thinking, and then encourage, challenge, and champion you.


How can coaching help me?

Coaching is not counselling, psychotherapy, mentoring, consulting nor teaching. And while it has some of its origins in the sporting world, coaching is not limited to one profession or part of your life. Your nG coach knows that you are the expert in your life and that you have all of the answers locked away within you. Your coach is the key to unlocking those answers to your problems and challenges.


When should I have coaching?

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Are you stressed and juggling priorities? Are you aiming for something but it always seems out of reach? Are you leading a successful life while putting off important decisions or despite your success, see yourself as a bit of a fraud just waiting to be found out?

Or, perhaps you have just had enough of waiting for things to change – you want to take action, gain confidence, take responsibility and get things done?

Whatever your motivation, coaching can help you take control of your personal and business life.


How is coaching cost-effective?

We all spend money on everyday pleasures such as eating out, a round of golf, a visit to the cinema or an impulse buy while browsing the shops or online.

All of these serve a purpose – they keep us exercised, stimulated or motivated but the thrill is often short-lived and has to be repeated regularly and frequently with the costs involved, while you still have to go back to the everyday grind of the life you currently live, with nothing changed.

Your commitment to coaching is an investment in your life, your future and that of your business.

nG Coaching offers a range of packages that are customised to your needs.


It’s just what I need. How do I get started?


Coaching can benefit you and your business.

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